Tuning your instrument


Tuning the instrument we do with our ears.

Do as we always do at the beginning of the lesson, choose a rhythm and play:

D D A A D D A A 

D D G G D D G G  

Violin: A A E E A A E E 

Viola/Cello: G G C C G G C C

Listen if it sounds like "Do Do So So". Or "So So Do Do".

If not, use the little screws to change the notes until it sounds right to you.

When you turn the little screw towards the string that sounds higher, the string gets higher. (For left handed instruments, it works the opposite way!)

If you are not sure, the tuning video on this page might help.

If you are still not sure, or if your strings are so out of tune that you need to use the big pegs at the scroll: CALL ME! I will help you in a video-call.