Rhythm Race



For Young and Old!
If you want to get in a good mood, play this game, with anyone at home.
Invent own clapping patterns, to own songs. In 3 (Boom Chick Chick, Boom Chick Chick) and in 2 (Uum Pah, Uum Pah).
Make a video, to teach the other students what you have invented
(Here is some inspiration.)

Bim Bum!

Learn this and send me a WhatsAppVideo, to show how fast you can do it.
I will make a "Bim Bam" film with the fastest versions.

Dieser Stein

Learn this game. When we will be back in the same room, we play it all together.
The question and answer part we will sing with Do-Re-Mi and we will play it with instruments.

Veinte Años

Clap the rhythm that the girl is clicking with her fingers from about 1'55.
Think of a way to teach this rhythm to the other students.
If you want to see and hear more lovely musicianship, watch more video's of Isaac & Nora.
Or listen to their life online concert.
From about about 8'50, you can clap along the same rhythm with the claves.
If you would like to learn one or more of these songs: let me know!!!

Play the following games with the metronome. Start at 76 and go to the next speed level every time you play.
How fast can you get?

Sweet Rhythms
Level 1

Say the words, then play the rhythm.
Pay attention to using short and long bows.
Invent new combinations of sweet rhythms and write them down, so that others can learn them as well.
Invent another set of rhythm-words, such as Animals, Flowers, Cartoon Characters etcetera.

Drunken Sailor
Level 2

Sing or Speak one line, then play the rhythm.
Think of more mean things you could to do, to punish the drunken sailor. Sing/Speak them, then play and write the rhtyhm.

Flügel Lied
Level 3

Look in the melody of the "Flügel-Lied" and look for these two different rhythms.
Do you see other rhythms? If so, play the other rhythms and write them down.

Scottish Dance
Level 4

Invent a text that fits the rhythm of the first line and play the text.
Invent a tongue twister for the second part and play it.
TIP: Use very little bow!!!