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The Cracks performs very known repertoire from the 17th and 18th century, with the nowadays lesser known sound of uncomprimised Historical Natural Brass Instruments.
The other instruments in the ensemble learn from the brass players, that have invested lots of time in researching and practising the historic instruments.
So, rather than chaging these brass instruments, to make them fit easier with what is common use today, the other instruments and instrumentalists adapt to the brass, to make them fit with what was common use at the the time the music was written.


We made a test recording of Telemann's Trumpet Concerto TWV51 D7/4.


Musicians on the recording are:

Mike Diprose - Trumpet
James Hewitt - Violin
Margreet van der Heyden - Violin
Christoher Suckling - Bass Violin
Sam Chapmann - Lute
Esteban La Rotta - Lute