Mike Diprose is my partner and "co-cat-servant". His website contains a lot of information about Natural Brass and other topics related to Historically Informed Performance Practise. There are also lovely compositions and arrangements by Des McNutty to download.


Dear friends, with websites about the lovely things they are making and doing:

Lucas van Helsdingen

Arno van der Heyden

Michael Jahoda

Anneke Frankenberg en het Charivari Trio

Gesina Liedmeier

Zwaan Stam


The instruments I play are all made by Matthieu Besseling in Amsterdam.

My baroque bows are all made by Hans Reiners (Berlin).

The thick gut strings I use are made by George Stoppani and Oliver Webber.

The thinner gut strings I order by Gesina Liedmeier.


Für den Unterricht in Basel können (Eltern von) SchülerInnen Instrumente mieten bei der Geigenwerkstatt in Klein-Basel oder Gundeli, oder beim Geigenbauatelier Andreas Senn.


Tatjana Geiger taught me how to make sewing patterns.

Tom Koch and Arwin Zijlema taught me a lot about awareness and use of the body, space and more.

Heidemarie & Jacques Gubler I sometimes help with digital questions.

I sing in the English Seminar Choir.

Apart from teaching in my own Streicherschule in Basel, I also teach at the Musikschule Zumikon.

I play concerts for MusikSpitex.

When I first moved to Switzerland I taught in Arosa and I worked as a "Velo Kurier" for Öpfel Chasper.

Mehr Musiklehrpersonen.

"Ich akzeptiere Netzbon".