About what I do and did as a musician.
And more.


During and after my music studies, I performed in music theatre productions and played in ensembles and orchestras.


Some years later, I swapped that life for one dedicated to performing 18th century music on period instruments.

2001-2011 I co-organised Barokensemble De Swaen and its monthly, free entrance, concert series in Amsterdam.

De Swaen developed into a meeting place for musicians that shared a love for non-compromised Historical Performance Practice and it inspired new initiatives to happen.


After 10 years De Swaen, it was time for changes.

At the moment I live in Switzerland, where I play concerts as a freelance musician, teach and organise projects.


The instruments I play are all made by Matthieu Besseling in Amsterdam.

My baroque bows are made by Hans Reiners (Berlin).

I only play on all unwound gut strings in equal tension (apart from the modern viola on which I use silver wound gut C and G string).

The thick gut strings I use are made by George Stoppani and Oliver Webber.

The thinner gut strings I order by Gesina Liedmeier.


Apart from music, I like making all sort of other things:


I studied with:

Joan Berkhemer (chamber music)

Alda Stuurop (period instruments)

Oliver Webber (violin)

Gerrit Oldeman (viola)

Esther Apituley (viola)

Christopher Czaja Sager (piano)

Dorothee Mariani, Daniel Künzler, Heike Trimpert, Birgit & Peter Boch (string group teaching) 

Jennifer Cohen Harper (teaching yoga and mindfulness to children)


Schools where I teach or taught:

Streicherschule Claramatte (2019 - )

Musikschule Zumikon (2015 - )

Musikschule Schanfigg (2012 - 2017)

Muziekschool Wij bij Duurstede (2010 - 2012)


Ensembles and Orchestras in which I play, or in which I have enjoyed playing in the past

De Swaen

The Cracks


De Vooruit

Sine Pulvere

Ensemble Braccio

The Beau Hunks Orchestra

Collegium Instrumentale Eindhoven

La Sagrada Familia

Ensemble Combassal

Capella Paterniacensis (Payerne)

Barockensemble conSequenza (Vorarlberg)

Projekt Orkest 20e eeuw

Het Ballet Orkest


Music Theatre Productions in which I performed:

“Zinkt (geen zeemansliedjes)”, Arno van der Heyden

2006/2007, 2007/2008

Violin, Viola, Singing Saw, Mandoline, Accordion
Music and Musicians: Lucas van Helsdingen, Arno van der Heyden, Margreet van der Heyden, Bas Mulder, Hendrik Jan Vermeulen

“Medea”, De Schiettent


Viola and Singing Saw
Director: Maaike van Langen
Composer: Peter van de Witte
Musicians: Laura Fuchs, Margreet van der Heyden, Martijn Smits

“Funhouse Classics”, Funhouse, Impresariaat Wim Visser


Violin, Viola, Singing Saw
Director: Rob van Houten
Music and Musicians: Bert Beenen, Margreet van der Heyden

“März”, (Leben des schizophrenen Dichters Alexander M.), Heinar Kipphardt, Theaterwerkplaats Neerpelt

Viola, Singing Saw
Director: Mark Timmer
Music and Musician: Margreet van der Heyden

“Céline”, Het Nationale Toneel


Director: Johan Doesburg
Composer: Maurice Horsthuis
Musicians: Katja Giesberger, Ilona de Groot, Justa de Jong, Margreet van der Heyden, Finn Möricke, Michiel Weidner

“Barok”, Introdans


Choreography: Ton Wiggers, Kirsten Debrock
Composers: Vivaldi, Bach, Widor, Pärt and others
Musicians: Heleen Delis, Pablo Escande, Margreet van der Heyden, Michiel van Niessen, David van Ooyen, Naomi Rubinstein, Jan Stolk

“Medea”, Noord Nederlands Toneel


Director: Agaath Witteman
Composer: Calliope Tsoupaki
Musicians: Margreet van der Heyden (Gijs Kramers, Annemieke van Walsem)

“Het duet”, Arno van der Heyden


Violin, Viola, Piano, Singing Saw, Accordeon
Director: Rolina von Hebel, Jos Thie
Music and Musicians: Arno van der Heyden, Margreet van der Heyden

"Dagelet Céline deel 1 Reis naar het einde van de nacht (werktitel)”, Hummelinck Stuurman Theaterbureau


Director: Johan Doesburg
Composer: Maurice Horsthuis
Musicians: Margreet van der Heyden, Gregor Overtoom, Lidy Sacks-Groenewegen, Jan Stolk, Boris Visser

“Tango van 't Noorden”, Theater te Water

1991/1992, 1992/1993

Violin, Viola, Piano, Bandoneon
Director: Just Vink
Music and Musicians: Rob Elzenga, Arno van der Heyden, Margreet van der Heyden, Alina Kiers